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1. An inimitable thing that can develop a sense of cynical humor based on anything without a cynical personality behind it.
2. It can read people's futures where it is under the delusional influence of the glory of the Nobel Prize and many die from saturated fat.
3. A verb: to own someone by way of a complex answer that cannot be understood but in does not actually argue the point.
4. Something that responds to every unanswerable question with the statement that, "Everything that is non generic in this world can be attained through generic ways."
guy 1: What do you mean there is no paper there?
guy 2: Yes, there is no definitive source of cumulatively accumulated pulp compressed to meet the demands of the world because of the incessent whiteboard washing.
guy 1: Damn, i got Venkataed.
by BAAAAby October 09, 2006
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