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A strong hate towards the English, their ways, and other "island dwellers" in the near vicinity. Instead of being generally racist, this one is only towards british people.
Joe: I really hate that crumpet eating bastard.
Jane: Wow, that is soo britist of you.
by B4rryBl4ck August 18, 2011
It's a term for when we do bad choices here in life. Really really bad choices. The very worst of choices to be exact. And always something we will end up regretting for the rest of our lives. The very foul ups that will haunt us to the day we die and stay there as an ever lasting reminder of what was done.
Joe: Oh man, i did a biggie, i got thrown out by my parents because i wrecked their car.
Jane: Oh wow, yeah you REALLY did a biggie there Joe.
by B4rryBl4ck October 23, 2012

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