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A Neighborhood in Boston conjoined with Allston made up of manly young professionals, college kids, Jewish, Irish construction workers, and Latino people.

Brighton is home to WGBH, New Balance, St.Elizabeth's Hospital, a dozen Irish pubs (many Irish run), millions of buses and sirens, and dozens of restaurants.

Its your middleweights of Boston neighborhoods....not too dangerous, multcultured, hard-workng, drinking, and decent houses for sale. It also borders Allston (college kid central), Newton a really nice suburb (although people drive slower than in Brighton), and Brookline (Best Jewish delis and good shopping).
Drunken Red Sox Fan#1: Any good Irish pubs in Brighton?

Drunken Red Sox Fan#2: Yeah, the Green Briar

Drunken Red Sox Fan#1: Any Good?

Drunken Red Sox Fan#2: Best Guiness pour outside of Southie
by B4life February 14, 2013

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