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When an individual is packing a bowl in his or her car, there is an often occurance when marijuana is dropped on the floor. When retrieved; it often has pieces of debris and fragments of substances indiginous to ones ride.
"Aw dude you totally astro turfed that bowl, but who cares cause were going to smoke it anyway"
by B0xcutter August 25, 2007
When you knuck your boy on the d/l all slow and subtle during the process of some jive ass shit goes down. So they don't be creepin on you.
(When a stank ass hoe bends over and you and your boy can see her stinkstar or her cootjoot) ::the subtle knuck::
by B0xcutter November 15, 2006
When playing gears of war, halo 2, or halo 3 , or in fact any video game which consists of a scoped weapon. The player who has one (or it).
" Mar's got the schnipa in gears of war, hes going to do work"
by B0xcutter September 18, 2007
The advanced form of scrilla, in which the incrimate of money is that of a $100 or over; making it of extreme importance.
That mother fucker better have my skrull, or imma split up his momma and im fittin to kidnapp his kid sister and feed her to the fucking wolfs.
by B0xcutter May 01, 2008

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