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studio for recording music
Dogg, them some great lyrics, lets take 'em back to the lab
by B. Rabbit February 21, 2003
mad, to be mad
Yo, im gettin so heated i could punch through a wall
by B. Rabbit February 21, 2003
crazy, one that is crazy
Yo, this guy's seven thirty!
by B. Rabbit February 21, 2003
sexual stimulation of one's partner characterized by erotic and sensual noises such as moaning or repeating the word "yes" (hence the name "yeses") or other sounds signifying sexual pleasure or satisfaction
"Oh yes...oh god...ughh...yea baby....yes yes yes...aahhh yes!"

~Most pornos contain "yeses"
by B. Rabbit April 18, 2006
semen; cum; jizz; sperm
"Aww skeet skeet" -Lil Jon

"There is skeet on the floor!" = "There is semen on the floor!"
by B. Rabbit March 14, 2006

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