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A STONER IS: A person who's gift of extra ordinary logicality has led to them to realize the real meaning of life. A person who isnt afraid to reach the freedom ALL people crave to own. These S.t.o.n.e.r.s (As i smoke 3 times a day) don't hurt feelings. they dont make fun of the nerds, they dont climb a clock tower with an uzi, they dont do crack, they dont live on another planet, and they dont need weed to have fun. they know its bad for them, but so is working all day everyday till your 60, then retiring and dying at 65 from so much stress and depression. they are much smarter than you think, but considering all that happens when they say something is people ignore (ignorance) they have just decided theres no point in talking. they live life the way it is supposed to be. they are good people, peaceful people, people trying to make everyone get along. A stoner is normally born from a parent who didnt have much a childhood, the guys that worked thier whole lives and dont understand anything. They are ignorant and ruin thier different, creative, sensitive childs lives. Normally a father (just like my parents ruined me). I love weed, it should be legalized and ignorant pricks should all die so us stoners could live in the peaceful serene place we long to inhabit.
"Look at yourself in the mirror. What do you see? In your slacks and sports coat. I see nothing, i see someone who always listened, someone with nothing to them but the rules they have followed. You think you look nice and respectable in that? You know who gets respect? The guy walking down the street to work with a cigarrete in his mouth, in his pajamas. Becasue people fear him, because hes different. Hes the one that people look up to. They wish they had that freedom, that lack of insecurity. So they scrutinize them, becasue they can. Fuck you. Your nothing, and 100 years from now no one will have known you existed, but not me. I will ring in eternity."

"Shut up STONER"
by B-mosh October 16, 2006

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