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3 definitions by B-dizzog

While lickin a bitches poon, you shove your two baby fingers up her ass and rest you're chin in your thumbs.
My bitch takes too damn long to cum, so instead of donkey kong punching her, i just used the roman chin rest.
by B-dizzog April 28, 2005
23 4
To fuck a dirty whore in the ass and get your dick as covered in shit as possible. Pull out and proceed to titty fuck her, forcing her head down and making her lick the shit off of your dick.
Mom: Oh hi sweety, did you have fun at grandpa's?
Daughter: Hi mom, yes we had so much fun, he showed me how to make corndogs.
by B-dizzog April 28, 2005
10 20
One who enjoys intercourse with a woman while his nuts are shoved inside her anal cavity. After he cums inside her, he proceeds to dip his shit-covered nuts into her mouth. see tea bag
Carl: Dude, look at Jims saggy nuts over there, he has to be a honey dipper.
Frank: I know! I was staring at his balls yesterday and there was crusty dump all over them.
by B-dizzog April 28, 2005
14 76