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A kind of ecstasy that will fuck you up. It gets its name from the mercedes emblem on the front side of the pill.
Those white mercedes kicked my ass.
#e #ex #xtc #pill #ecstasy
by B-Loc November 18, 2006
1. To be on D means to be on deck with something, like some bud or bars or any other drug
2. Here in my part of L.A., D can also stand for dope, which either means heroin or crystal meth...but here in meth capital of the county, Glendora, it usually is associated with ice.
1.Yo man, you on D with some B's (bars)?
2.Yo man, you on D with some D? (here meaning tweak)

P.S. Anyone who refers to marijuana as dope is either a complete moron, or grew up in the 50's and 60's.
#on deck #deck #weight #tweak #heroin #dealing #slanging #xanax #meth #marijuana #black market
by B-Loc October 09, 2010
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