4 definitions by B to the R

1. Describes almost accuratly the sound that wanking off makes.
2. the motion your arm makes when wanking off.
by B to the R July 04, 2003
1. expression of amusement from a screwed up typo of "lol"
Sally: Sean threw up all over the hallway today.
Chris: LOLIO!
by B to the R July 02, 2003
an extremely talented female singer from the mid-nineties to the present. Her brother Mark wrote the book, "House of Leaves."
Poe's second album, Haunted, is superior to Hello.
by B to the R April 22, 2004
a stripper from the novel House of Leaves, with Thumper from Bambi tattoed on her innter thigh.

A really sweet, but fallen, woman.
"Nice going, Thumper."
by B to the R April 22, 2004

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