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In refrence to the great spooky musician for the infamous "Faces of Death" movies Gene Kauer. Basically any song or piece of music that has similar qualities to Gene Kauer's music such as spookiness, ample usage of keyboards, cheesy at times, eerie moments, sounded ear-shattering keyboard crescendos or anything that sounds similar to the "Faces of Death" soundtrack
You check out that new Radiohead song? It's totally Kauerfied.
by B Strit November 11, 2006
A white person who buys Newport cigarettes.
I swear this Newhigga must really think he isn't white with all the Newps he buys.
by B Strit November 11, 2006
The feeling or state of mind, ranging from a few minutes after to the morning, after sexual intercourse, especially exceptional intercourse. Feelings may include excessive drowsiness, prolongated state of Euphoria, and soreness of sexual organs.
Chris and I fucked for hours last night, I have such a bangover.
by B Strit August 09, 2007
Literally meaning "Way Gay", combining both terms.
That song isn't just gay, with Gway.
by B Strit November 11, 2006

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