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1. A Weilin means a girlish type of guy. They enjoy pretending that they are men, when secretly inside they wish to be like a girl. All Weilin enjoy sports, especially golf. They are smart but never concentrate in class, constantly getting yelled at by teachers because of gaming. When people say that their siblings are better than them in an area, they can always say that they aren't, even if the reason isn't true. All in all, Weilin are not as awesome as their siblings, so they need to work out more.

2. Can mean someone who is defined as mentally challenged and intellectually incompetent. Also can act stupid at times.
You are such a Weilin! Why did you wear super tight jeans today?

Person 1: I chipped my nail today! I'm so sad, I think im going to cry!
Person 2: Oh my god, don't be such a Weilin. Stop being so girly.
by B LI April 23, 2010
People that are mean to other people, and are always mean. Sometimes they are sexist and racist.
Jerry is such a meanist! He never gives bubble tea to boys first.

That guy became a meanist recently because he always swears to other people.
by B LI February 24, 2010
Stands for Worth a Fuck.

Means that a person/thing is worth having sexual intercourse with.
That girl is so hot, but only WAF.

William is so ugly! but he's WAF.

You know whose WAF? that girl walking towards us right now.
by B LI January 30, 2010

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