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The act of running naked around the house while changing clothes. Also applies when the person is wearing see-through threadbare underwear.
Stop running around the house nudifice!
by B Chan March 22, 2004
The ultimate expression to utter when you are in a heated discussion with someone.
This is a transcript describing a discussion between person A and person B.

A says -> I didn't get my painting done yet
B says -> Well, you shouldn't have watched the football game
A says -> Well, I need some time to rest you know
B says -> Well, you should have gone to bed earlier yesterday
A says -> Well - Gum Hi Hee Ho!

A wins the argument!
by B Chan March 21, 2004
Any long narrow implement which can be used to clear obstructions from one's nasal passages. Short for 'deluxe nosepicker'.
I can breath now thanks to my deluxe.
by B Chan March 29, 2004
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