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Any territory, hostile or not, which is outside your camp's friendly walls in Afghanistan or Iraq.

Derrogatory term for whatever shit-ass village of mud brick hovels you had to clear this morning, looking for bad guys, especially when you can't remember the name of the place.
We spent four days out in Hadjiville on this last operation. Thought I'd never get back in.

We cought eight goobers hiding in a chicken coop over in Hadjiville last night.
by B 2/75 October 01, 2005
Heading "out the gate," or literally through the wire, and entering hostile territory while on a combat patrol, such as in Afghanistan or Iraq. "Out the gate" is also the terrain which is beyond the fencelines / walls of your compound.
Being a grunt, I'm out the gate each and every day.

I've got more time out the gate than you do in the fookin' Army, dude.

Yeah, he was out the gate when the IED got their tail vehicle. Damn.
by B 2/75 October 01, 2005
The SRESS CARD is a card issued to new Army trainees that they are to keep in their shirt pocket. Any time they feel that the mean Drill Sergeant is pushing them too hard, the trainee takes out the card, and must be given a break to collect themselves.
Four Drill Sergeants are screaming at Private Snookems because he forgot to bring his entrenching tool (again). Snookems is feeling a bit crowded, and can't take all this stress... those Drill Sergeants are just too mean. So he takes out his STRESS CARD and like magic, the pressure goes away.

Too bad he can't use a STESS CARD in combat, though.
by B 2/75 February 11, 2007
The ugliest chick you can imagine,
particularly when they have a face
that is totally pockmarked by acne,
as if she had been standing before
a Claymore mine when it detonated.

Hey, Bubba! I fucked Claymore face
for the first time last night!

Really? Her mug is so pitted up you
could use Bondo to smooth it out...
by B 2/75 January 20, 2006
Derrogatory term used by US soldiers for any local citizen or Insurgent, in both Afghanistan and Iraq, particularly after the military leadership decreed that using the term "Hadji" was a punishable offense.
"Well guys, it looks like we can shoot 'em with rifles or missiles, but should you go so far as to call one a Hadji your ass is grass. I recommend that you call them 'Goober' instead; it seems less offensive to the untrained ear..."
by B 2/75 October 01, 2005
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