11 definitions by B Brian Blair

1.v. To engage in sex with your significant other while she's in a drunken sleep.
I can't wait till' Jill gets wasted tonight cuz i'm gonna snitzky that ass.
by B Brian Blair March 29, 2008
The hottest chick to ever come from the state of ohio.
Brian wanted to fuck lizloo but was too scared to talk to her.
by B Brian Blair March 29, 2008
1.n. The main "bad guy" in the cartoon She-Ra.

2.v. The act of fuckin your partner in the dark and then shoving a he-man action figure in their ass.
1. Yo, remember Hordak from that cartoon She-Ra?

2. Man, I got Misa wasted last night and pulled a Hordak on that ass.
by B Brian Blair March 30, 2008
1. To appear from behind a curtain to fuck your girl when she least expects it.

2. Nickname for NFL player Brian Bosworth
1. Yo, I had Steph over last night and while she was talkin to her mom...I gave her the wizard of boz.

2. Remember Brian Bosworth aka the wizard of boz.
by B Brian Blair March 29, 2008

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