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1 definition by AyumisLove

An extremely popular female J-pop singer in Japan. She writes all her own lyrics, that are very brilliant. She has a very beautiful voice which to some people. She composes some of her own songs under the name CREA.
She is the spokeswoman of Panasonic, and has been spokeswoman for many products since her debut in 1998.

Ayumi puts solid emotion into her voice and her songs have good melodies. She is very versatile and re-invents herself from time-to-time. She has done trance, alternative, hard rock, R&B, etc. And yet still keeping her style. Unlike most J-pop stars, she rarely uses English in her songs (her song titles, however are almost all in English)

When some people think of J-pop, they might automatically think 'cutesy', 'bubble-gum', 'shiny-outfits'. It's not always true in Ayu's case. Her music can be enjoyed by both men and women of all ages, cultures, etc. So generally, although Ayu shares some characteristics of pop stars all around the world, she has a mind of her own. And unlike most pop stars, has control of her career. She is also very hot, considering her age. Plastic surgery or not, who cares?

I recommend this artist. Albums such as 'My Story' and her new single 'fairyland'. Ayumi Hamasaki is one of the most influential stars in Japan.
Ayumi Hamasaki is an amazing singer!
by AyumisLove July 09, 2005