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1 definition by AxxeMaster

The best band ever and despite contrary belief, a very talented and succesful band.

Their name is a deliberate misspeling of a famous monument where they grew up.

Before Linkin Park signed with warner brothers they were known as Hybrid Theory because of their hybrid between rap, rock and elctronica. This is now the name of their first released album.

Before the band Hybrid Theory there was Xero which was more focused on Hip Hop.

They play to real life problems and put on the best live show ive ever seen at download 07.

Their latest album, Minutes to midnight, wasnt as good as their other albums but still, its brilliant.

So far they are the only band to have successfully combine three styles as different as rap, rock and elctronica and appeal to most audiences.

The band consists of:
Chester Bennington - Lead Vocals
Mike Shinoda - Keyboard, Rhythm Guitar, Emcee, Vocals
Joe Hahn - Turntables
Brad Delson - Lead Guitar
Dave 'Phoenix' Farrell - Bass
Rob Bourdon - Drums
"Hear me out now, you're gonna listen to me like it or not right now" Clearly singing about arguing, a common thing...

Lyrics from Faint by Linkin Park
by AxxeMaster October 25, 2007