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someone or something that, in a universal sense, is everything and nothing. a million paradoxes, He or it can represent all that the mind is unable to comprehend, and all it can comprehend. he or it is seen as a father, creator, slavedriver, friend, imaginary being, fate, lifegiver, lifetaker, and much more. Wars are fought in it's name. Kings and rulers have been believed to be it. miracles have been attributed to it. Many people died because of it, or the believed absence of it, and yet so do they live by it and through it and without it. people defy it, ridicule it, curse it, but secretly fear it and pray to it whether they know it or not. Because in a sense everything is everything else, and nothing else. every move is in both God and in something much more mundane. every word is a prayer and a curse, depending on its intention. and so God is there for us if we believe. He isn't there if we don't. but whether he exists or not, does it really change anything here, now?
"God did it.""goddamnit!""this is God's fault.""God isn't real!""god is more real than you can imagine""praise god for this miracle!"

"If God did not exist, it would have been necessary to invent him."-Voltaire
by Axle May 21, 2004

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