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a lazy sob, who does nothing but sit on his ass all day, drink 4 liter of coke at a time, and complains that he has nothing to do ever
quit being such a fucking dickie and get off your ass
by axl August 14, 2004
Boni is a beautiful, wonderful, talented girl...first white gurl wit a black gurl ass.. only default she sont kno shes beautiful.
Damn Boni u lookin good!
by Axl February 17, 2005
1) "The Strokes," a rock and roll band

2) A specific group of people who are entirely whole - rather they rule, in and of themselves, and their ruling is unrelated to anything else.

2A) Any group that is entirely self-sufficient and internally consistant.
The Strokes... more like, THE AWESOMES!
Those guys are definitely an awesomes.
by axl November 30, 2004

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