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1 definition by AxisOfSmeagol

An older woman, usually 55-60 years of age and up, who clad themselves in excessive amounts of jewelry. They can easily be identified by the gold ring/s one that adorn every finger. Their favorite haunts are pawn shops, flea markets and the QFC shopping channel. A curious side to the Raccoon's fondness of shiny objects, is their penchant for being heavily perfumed. If you ever find yourself between a showcase of shiny objects and a charging, glassy-eyed raccoon, you can try the time tested diversion by shouting "jewelry sale across the street!" This may buy you just enough time to escape a certain, glittering, Oil of Olay scented demise.
You'll know a Raccoon when you see one...
by AxisOfSmeagol May 15, 2012