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Someone, originally from New Zealand or Australia, who is very fond of smoking marijuana. (aka, "smoke fi di ganja, maan!)
Surfer Dude #1: Ey might, wonder what's got Steve so spaced out!
Surfer Dude #2: He was hittin' the bong again: That feller is a regular Great Barrier reefer!
Surfer Dude # 1: 'struth, blimey!
by Axellent December 31, 2012
As New Year's Eve is the one night of the year where hook-ups hit a record high, this is the correct term to use for a "beau" that a lady may score on said night.
With-it Girl: Hey guuuuuuurl, watch you end up doin' on New Year's Eve?

Posh Girl: Not what, but who! Went and found myself a nice little New Year's Adam at the party, didn't I?

With-it Girl: Bomb diggity, girlfriend!

Posh Girl: No doubt, peace it!
by Axellent December 31, 2012
Modeled on "menage a trois", menage a toi is that less fortunate circumstance where self-love is one's only option.
(Cue Palmela Handerson. Ooh, that blows!)
Brostar #1: Bro dude, did you end up taxing those two crumpets last night?

Brostar #2: No dude, it was whack the way they just went off and left a brotha high and dry!

Brostar #1: So I takes it you done had yourself an itty-bitty "menage a toi"?

Brostar#2: Word, Brostar General!
by Axellent December 31, 2012

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