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Just-Another-Fucking-Observer (from the movie "Blue Thunder")
A procastinator.
The bastard who pulls over just to watch a cop write you a speeding ticket.
"Hey, What the hell is Phil doing in our

by Axel April 18, 2003
The act of one person stabbing another, then proceeding to fuck the newfound wound.
HOLY HELL! Jack just gave Christine a ridelcher! and HOW!
by axel July 22, 2004
Z or R twice!
Starfox barrel rolls
by Axel February 12, 2004
a Germanish euro with no English skills whatsoever
oh my god, you're so Aimras!
by Axel December 15, 2003
A name for a person named Axel with extraordinary skills (h4x).

Axel + h4x = h4x3l
OMG that h4x3l is so hot right now!
by Axel January 20, 2004
Warrior of gaming.
Conquerer of the game.
Master of gaming.
Don't mess with me or I will daxorious your a$$.
by AxeL July 15, 2003
Stands for "The Sonic Team." A group dedicated to online gaming, especially the game known as "Phantasy Star Online." Since the Dreamcast days, this group has been known as honest and legitimate, and well worthy of being anybody's friend.
I saw a member of TsT last night, so we played a while. They rock:)
by Axel January 08, 2005

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