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2 definitions by Awkotaco

The funniest, happiest person you'll ever meet. Always honest, she'll tell the truth no matter what. She's so carefree and beautiful. Athleticism and intelligence are bonuses to this girl... Well, school smart. She can be really clueless and clumsy, but that's one of the reasons people love her. She's so innocent she somehow manages to stay out of drama almost all the time. She's independant. She's basically just an all round perfect girl.
Guy 1: dude, she's like Melissa.
Guy 2: no way, man, you can't compare anybody to Melissa.
by Awkotaco June 07, 2013
The combination of being an idiot and a twat.
Person A: "OMG I love Twilight. Team Jacob!"
Person B: "Iditwat."
by AwkoTaco July 21, 2013