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Someone who sucks so much at a game that they keep killing turkeys to sell the loot they acquire from them and they try and trade it to you and your like "Shut up noob!"
You're a stupid nubturkey
by Awesomemans June 10, 2008
The rarest lol ever! It can only be caused by the funniest thing ever.
That little girl got her fingers stuck in the car door! ultramegalol!
by Awesomemans June 12, 2008
A band, commonly made by a record company, that plays a combination between pop and rock'n'roll. Most of these emo bands don't play their instruments. They hire musicians to play on their CD for them. They don't write their own music and are the most popular form of music today. Their music lacks guitar solos, intricate riffs, drum fills and solos, and complex bass lines, showing no signs of talent whatsoever.
"Waaah waaah my girlfriend broke my heart!" Says the shitty emo band singer of Fall Out Boy.
by awesomemans February 10, 2008
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