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1 definition by Awesome-Me

A cool girl, kind and funny - shy, but when you really know her, she's totally chatty! Everyone wants to be friends with Gwen, an amazing smile and is not afraid to be weird in public no matter if it's in front of a stranger - just for a laugh! Always willing to stand up for her friends. Likes giving complements to please people - a really outstanding girl!
1 Gwen: Hi, I made you cupcakes - chocolate :)
Michael: Thanks!
Gwen: Welcome, see you!

2 Michael: Dude, Gwen is hilarious, I love her smile!
Jay: I know, she's beautiful too! Here she comes!
Gwen: Hi guys, looks like you got some heavy bags there. I'll take them home for you.
by Awesome-Me September 17, 2012
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