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The coolest person E.V.E.R. Tesses are random and hyper and good at everything. They can walk the walk and talk the talk. Everyone wants to know Tess and be her friend. Shes really funny. She is actually pretty smart but comes across as being dumb becuase shes a little ditzy. She has poor common sense but good morals. She makes no sense sometimes. She can be a little forgetful but can make it up in bed. Shes incredible in bed and knows how to satisfy. Shes not a slut but isnt afraid to give you what you want.
Guy: "OMG did you see that girl run out into the middle of the street to pick up a pennt?"
other guy: "Yeah she was such a Tess"
Guy: "That was so awesome. I want to bang her"
other guy: "OMG me too...again!!!"
by Awesome turtle May 02, 2011

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