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Used to be called Personnel or the Personnel Department. When they renamed to Human Resources (a pompous new name for PERSONNEL!) everyone else called them Human Remains!
Person A: Why is the company in so much trouble?

Person B: Too many bums in Human Resources.

Person A: Don't you mean Human Remains? (snigger)
by Awbster November 02, 2006
Oh come on, this is obvious!
Grant: Gimme a drag on dat joint, you dumb ass foo king idiot!

Joe: here you go!
by awbster May 17, 2010
When you're chatting to someone and they start boring you. You signal that you're bored by fidgetting with your mobile phone or your media player, cos that's more important!
Rudy: Yo, man, that Tess was trying hard to impress you last night! No one could stop her chatting yo!

Mike: Tell me about it, Rude. I had to check me text while she be chatting just to send her a bored signal!

Rudy: Man, that's harsh!

Mike: Yeh, but it do the trick. She wondered off a couple minutes later!
by awbster May 18, 2010
From the Greek (nou-) para- lazy; + botti - bum. Someone who makes out they're too ill to do anything when they're at home and then when they get out the front door they're fit and healthy all of a sudden!
Mike: Yo, Rude, put your dirty socks and smelly pants in the laundry pile!

Rudy: Ah man, leave me alone, can't you see I've got a cold!

(10 minutes later...)

Rudy: See you later Mikey, I'm off to meet Giselle!

Mike (to himself): Man, that dude is a right parabotti!
by awbster April 14, 2011
You're My Bitch Now!

Something someone in a position of power says to the person that they own!
Mike: Yo, Rude, where's me rent?

Rudy: I'll have it for you next week.

Mike: No dude, you said that last week. If you don't have it by Friday I'm giving you some boot! Now, empty the bins, do the washing up and get me some food! YMBN!

Rudy: Ah man!
by awbster January 15, 2014

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