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A swarm of uninformed people to a community site, Youtube channel, or livestream event usually caused by recent viral exposure.
Oh man our video got posted on Machinima Realm and a Tard Tsunami™ soon followed.
by AvidyaUS June 26, 2011
The theory that Youtubers will be charged with a felony by a yet to be approved bill (Bill S.978) with a possible penalty of up to 5 years in prison for uploading a video containing copyrighted content which to the alarmists indicates the end of the Internet as we know it.
The Internet Rapture™ is coming... soon it will be illegal to do karaoke or play games and upload it to Youtube.
by AvidyaUS July 01, 2011
A gamer who plays games till the sun comes out then sleeps during the day.
My schedule is so messed up I am like a gaming vampire this week!
by AvidyaUS July 05, 2011
A Shitfish™ is someone who rides coattails. Attempts to gain notoriety off the work of others. A shit fish is the lil fish who swim behind sharks eating their scraps instead of going off and finding their own food. A lazy uninspired person who aspires to benefit from the efforts of others merely by association.
That dude is such a ShitFish™ he starts fights with accomplished people publically just to get attention for his unknown website.
by AvidyaUS June 23, 2011
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