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16 definitions by Avi

Beautiful or Gorgeous Water
MMM, thats some fuckin good Shakatra ---
- Avi D. Shakespeare
by Avi February 28, 2003
An individual who is driven by impulses (Estrogen or Testosterone)
That guy is a fuckin hormonsky
by Avi April 04, 2003
Performed under the influence.

Bringing your right leg beck as so, ever so slowly, then pounce forward in an aggressive manner towards the sky.
Ah Um Say La Ah Um Say La
And Then you go like this.... (swirl)
by Avi February 28, 2003
Phrase shouted in excitement
I got the dis from Rach last nite, sweet ass maria sally muzzone!!!!
by Avi February 28, 2003
Phrase screamed out of anger or excitement
I fucked Addie, JESUS PETE!!!!
by Avi February 28, 2003
This is one hot guy. Brian Mmmmmuuuullllllllrrrrrrroooooyyyyyyyy!!!! He's so cool, so gangsta, such as motherfuckin' cracka. OMG, I wanna fuck him so bad!
Hi, I'm sexy, and my name is Brian Mulroy
by avi April 12, 2005
Fictional creature thats fictional. A fucing motherfucking fucker that fucks, If you may.
God ish muh bish k? pikaj00 surpasses his powers k?
by Avi November 27, 2004