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Can be used by anyone to express consent to a jew.
Jew: "Holy Hanukkah!! I forgot my yarmulke! Yo Lethal, May i please borrow one of your coffee filters?"

Lethal: "fo' shizzle my jizzle"
by Automatah April 06, 2003
Protective head gear worn by honorary jews
<a jew ponders>
"Should i wear my yarmulke under my baseball hat or over it"
by Automatah April 06, 2003
Typical response to a comment made regarding:

When you get that bang for your buck..
When you find the bottom price on something..
When you get something on a BOGO offer..
When you get a very good deal on something...
"You won't believe this! I bought two brand new flicks on DVD for like..ten bucks!!"

"well done jew"


"Talked those girl scouts into selling me 5 packs for the price of one"

"well done jew"
by Automatah June 02, 2004

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