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Originally an experiment demonstrating the principle of conservation of momentum, Newton's balls are five metal balls suspended in line by fine wire or string. When one ball impacts the rest, momentum is conserved and the ball at the other end is knocked into the air.
Alternatively, Newton's balls can be used to describe a sexual situation. When two men engage in anal sex in the doggy style position their balls slap together, creating an effect much like that described above. Gay people often feel that such a situation is baroque.
"Bastian and Gabe got the Newton's Balls effect happening last night, I could hear it from next door!"
by Authur C. Commons April 20, 2008
A hypothetical situation in which a large ring of gay men engaging in anal sex perform Newton's balls, creating a chain reaction that, with a little effort, can continue indefinitely around the circle like a Mexican Wave around a sporting field. There are no recorded occurrences of this.
'I started a Mexican Sacktap but it didn't make it around the circle because Bastian wasn't thrusting in time.'
by Authur C. Commons April 20, 2008
A gay man. So named because he is most likely a bachelor as gay marriage is illegal in many places, and because Margaret thatcher was a lesbian. Not really, but she was butt ugly.
Mike: I never realized until seeing that movie on the internet that he was a Thatcher Bachelor!

Big Al: Yeah, he's a poo profiteer. An uphill gardener. He takes the cake. A prostate punisher

Mike: Well, he sure took that guy to browntown.
by Authur C. Commons April 20, 2008
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