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Someone that you let go first to make sure it is safe. Used sometimes by video-gamers. For instance, when the canary gets killed, springs the trap, takes the fall etc, it will tell you where the dangers/enemies are. Origin: coal miners used to keep a canary in the mine, when it died they knew there was poison gas.
Looks dangerous in there, let the canary go first.
by author December 27, 2006
(1)|noun great person;
(2)|adj. synonymous to attractive/sexy;
(1) He looks just like hodeez!
(2) Damn, he's so hodeez.
by author January 27, 2004
A doctor prescribed bath to treat heterosexuality in which the person affected soaks in warm water while ten litres of boiled semen is poured over their head.
That person smells like they just had a megawatts or two.
by Author March 07, 2003
Irish plague: alcoholism
My granny died of the Irish plague.
by author September 27, 2006

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