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To smoke pot (probably comes from the resemblance of buds to trees).
I hit the trees harder than Sonny Bono.
by author September 19, 2006
Someone that you let go first to make sure it is safe. Used sometimes by video-gamers. For instance, when the canary gets killed, springs the trap, takes the fall etc, it will tell you where the dangers/enemies are. Origin: coal miners used to keep a canary in the mine, when it died they knew there was poison gas.
Looks dangerous in there, let the canary go first.
by author December 27, 2006
Friend of Tom: a Scientologist.
I heard that dude is a friend of Tom.
Yeah, it's creepy.
by author June 25, 2006
The "can" is an inferior fighter or player (often an unknown or one with a poor record) that is set against the favorite solely for the purpose of losing and making the latter look good. Comeback fights are often against cans.
I'm not going to bother watching the Crocop fight, he's up against some can and it's only going to last 30 seconds.
by author February 02, 2007
1. Pejorative for a homeless person, - especially one that makes no attempt to work or better himself (contrasted with the more respected working homeless “hobos”). Probably comes from the expression “lazy bums.”
Get a job you F’ing bum.

2. To shamelessly ask for something (in the manner of a bum – see above).
Dude can I bum a cigarette, five dollars, and a ride to the…

3. A loser with nothing going for him (no job, no aspirations etc). Especially an unworthy husband or boyfriend.
I can’t believe she’s with Jim. Always drinking, never workin, the guy is a bum.

4. The more polite way of saying ass.
Does my bum look big in this?

5. To do in the bum.
I bummed a tart.

6. Bum is a major city in Afganistan.
I bummed a ride to Bum where I bummed a bum in his bum.
by author December 25, 2006
A terrorist fundraiser on wheels. A machine that turns large amounts of the world's bloodiest conflict commodity into a poison gas so fat-rich people can get from their televisions to their sedentary jobs without having to stand up.
When filling your sport utility vehicle and watching the numbers on the pump go up, somewhere the same thing is happening to a terrorist's bank account. Stop buying these things you vain, insecure little twats.
by author October 14, 2006
1. Headbutting someone (UK)

2. Male ejaculation (US)

3. To hit ones nuts/testicles (US)

1. Nutting is an effective street fighting maneuver.

2. I fucked her without nutting.

3. Watch this video of my friend nutting himself on a rail.
by author July 14, 2006

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