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Common term for someone who, although good intentioned, lacks the personality trait known as fun. Spontaneous things scare them and any sign of trouble usually results in hours of sci fi gaming and/or hibernation. A law dawg would rather read history books than to participate in parties, sexual encounters, or sporting events.
"Dude, that was a raging party last night...where did Dan go?"

"He thought the cops were going to bust it so he locked himself in the bathroom with Mein Comf"

"What a Law Dawg"
by Austin Rutledge September 18, 2008
A term used most commonly to describe a grossly overachieving douche. Where most people settle for one extracurricular activity, a Galloway not only joins every organization on campus, he becomes president of them all. Usually seen on stage during graduation and other important all campus events, a Galloway has mastered the art of suckling the proverbial teet of the university system. Galloways do not pay for college, nor do they pay for most meals, that is the university's job after all. Most want to hate Galloways for their blatant disregard for mediocrity, but fear that ostrization will result in hating the most loved person on campus. A Galloway is the one person that you would gladly let your girlfriend sleep with, in fact, it would probably make you more popular.
"Why is that asshole always on stage during campuswide lectures...what a douche"
"Dude, shut the fuck up that Galloway has enough clout to get you expelled"

"Dude that kid is in every publication our school sends out...he must be related to someone on the board"
"Nah...he is just a Galloway"
by Austin Rutledge September 18, 2008
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