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One of the greatest characters in SSBB only matched by Ike and Diddy Kong, he runs around with his pikmin allowing him good offensive reach. Since the distribution of the SSBB game when ever a person gets the Olimar Final Smash when used and Olimar jumps in his rocket, it is manditory for the player to yell "TO SPPAAAAACCEEEE" then the other players (if there are any) get pissed of because they just got pwnd by a 3 foot tall man in a space suit.
P1: awe you picked Olimar ur a fag.
P2: *gets final smash* guess wut bitch, TO SPPAAAACCCCEE!!!1!!1!one
P1:damn you and yo pikmins.
#ssbb #olimar #to space #pwnd #pikmin
by Austin Master of the Universe April 18, 2008
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