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adjective to describe something that is dilapidated but in a way kinda cool, like really old sneakers that youve colored in with markers
"Nice shoes, theyre pretty dilapidatious, how long have u had them?"
by Austin Danger Leonardini April 11, 2004
a word invented by me that can be used to tell someone that by mutilating a piece of artwork or something that it is "beautiful" except u are secretly saying they just mutilated it. good to use when talking to little kids when theyve done something really ugly but you cant tell them straight up or when ure talking to someone who is trying to impress you but you dont like them.
"Oh, Jimmy, your painting is just, uh... meautiful!"

"Wow Cristy, your new hair color is meautiful"
by Austin Danger Leonardini April 11, 2004

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