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A warm, thick, whitish substance, a funnier way to say 'cum'
I opened a bottle of penis sauce on that girl!
by AtrociousAntics August 07, 2010
Judging shapes as one would judge a person, like being rasict to SHAPES!
Taylor: Eww I hate triangles

by AtrociousAntics August 15, 2010
Electronic prostitution in exchange for gear and items in a game. The e-whore shouldn’t ever be confused with it’s an entrepreneur counterpart in real life seeing as in reality prostitutes actually get something of value out of it. But with the risk of STIs.
How do they “sell” their bodies without having anyone physically touch them? Webcam.

They,turn on a webcam and remove clothing, give false satisfaction to someone else without any emotional attachment from either end. So there you have it folks a prime definition of an e-whore ^^
by AtrociousAntics August 15, 2010
They’re usually the ones who draw attention to themselves right away. By posting a pic of themselves on the game’s forums, or by making their profile, avatar, etc etc, overly girly so people can spot them from a mile away. If they can type their posts in Pink, they will do it.
Typical things you’ll see in any chat from The fakers will include:

- XD or xD

- X3 or x3 or :3

- references to “cute” on almost everything
by AtrociousAntics August 15, 2010
People, mostly girls who have pink everything. They wear pink, drive a pink car, dyed their ugly purse dogs pink and if possible they would try to breathe pink. Their entire surroundings look like a flamingo threw up all over it. They look like... Malibu Barbie extreme PINK edition.
Like wearing rose glasses and seeing everything in pink, also obsessing over pink thus leading to a pink overdose.
by AtrociousAntics August 15, 2010
If you're searching up this word you must be an IDIOT.
The word idiot is frequently used and easy to understand, why would one need to search this word? Duh they must be a complete idiot. ^^
by AtrociousAntics August 19, 2010

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