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When a cabbie takes pasengers hostage and drives off crazy, so the passengers cannot flee the vehicle. Typically caused by a fare dispute or off-the-meter fares. Especially when ride is executed via roundabout routes. Especially when cabbie feels entitled to a surcharge or "tip" not entitled by law. Threats of wild rides are also used to coerce the hostages to pay up more than a customary tip. Also caused by fare-beating or where the passenger feels entitled to pay less than full fare, plus negotiated tip. Where the cabbie then feels entitled to make a "citizens arrest." And drives off crazy to "Go find a cop."
The cabbie took my wife on a wild ride to get a higher tip. The wild ride got her to put out. I should file a wild ride complaint with the Taxi Bureau. I didn't know that wild rides were legal. Is it legal to try to flee the vehicle if the cabbie takes you on a wild ride? Once I paid up the cabbie stopped his wild ride, and even let me get my luggage out of the trunk.
by Atlantis-2525 March 08, 2012
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