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2 The most fangaurded DBZ Character, also to like him automatically makes you 1337
1.I don't really like piccolo; He didn't do much
2. Omg j00r teh n00b
by Asugar March 25, 2005
The most baddassest woter ever. Having been banned for quite some time now, non-hardcore woters/gamefaqers would never grace this god among men.
He goes by other names, but johnnyloser was his first account where he learned the glory of wot/Evil republicans.
Johnnyloser: 8/08/04-2/7/05
by Asugar March 25, 2005
Biggest and baddest rulers of the planet.
man: Hey who put this giant control device in my wive's head?
Wife: Lets go smash some seal head!
by Asugar March 25, 2005

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