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HEX, short for Hogwarts Extreme, is an online Harry Potter Roleplaying Website. The website was founded by user Hoojx and opened on August 23, 2001. Though the website has undergone multiple changes and transformations, it continues to provide fun and communication to it's members, old and new, known as HEXians.

HEX has ultimately become a community to it's dedicated members and has taken it's position as one of the most up-and-coming RPG websites on the internet.
Tom: What's up?
Sally: Not much.
Tom: What're you doing?
Sally: I'm on HEX. I started an RP and just entered a trivia contest to win a great prize.
Tom: Awesome. I was on HEX earlier today. I had a great discussion about Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince
Sally: Cool!
by Astrum August 29, 2006
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