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Many live in Illinois. 400,000 Assyrians in Chicago Metro Area. They live in the suburbs mostly, because, yes, they have money. How did they get money? Hard work*. They are a very dedicated, driven, hardworking group of people. They are very family oriented. Being a good Assyrian family is important. (Most) Assyrians marry Assyrians and make Assyrian babies**. This is a very good ideal they have. Not that 'mixing' is wrong, but rarely can a person say, I am 100% _____!!! Assyrians (most of them) can say I am 100% Assyrian!!! (((--From someone with personal experience, save yourself trouble, if you're not Assyrian, don't get involved with one unless you know that his/her family is Americanized, otherwise it will most likely end no good for you.--))) They can be very kind and funny, or very ignorant, stubborn, strict (as any group can be). Their women have a job, and the men have a job (I think you can guess what those jobs are). Their food is fantastic! The men are SO GORGEOUS! The women are very beautiful! God Bless! Assyrians - - - Are Awesome! !!!Go Assyrians!!!
* A quote from a Assyrian man I worked for at his liquor store, "the key to success is not only working hard, but working smart."

**A quote from my Assyrian friend regarding dating/marrying, "if you're not Assyrian, you don't have a chance with a Assyrian."
by AssyrioPriiiiiide August 17, 2010

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