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A "nomadic" variant of punk, usually in the form of walking

They can take several weeks even months to reach a certain destination, most stay in a city/town for a max of 4 days for recuperation. They tend to be positive about outdoor living and commonly (but not limited to) sleep in the bush, squats, 'out of sight' street corners, barnhouses and makeshift shacks. They are less likely to become trapt in substance abuse than their hitch hiker/non-transient counterparts and often have some knowledge on wilderness survival. Common gear can range from tents to bivouac sacks usually accompanied by a crowbar and a sleeping bag, some have been known to carry axes, wire cutters, combat knives and even screw drivers. There are also rare cases where they would carry shovels, cooking gear, nails and hammers. Scavenging is common among these types, some are known to collect empties and scrap metal as a form of income. Often they are more physically fit than hitch hikers/non-transients and tend to have a fondness for healthy eating. Some are limited to a specific route while others go on a country wide tour.
You know he/she is a real gutter punk when they do nothing but talk about their cross country adventures.
by Assrickin December 02, 2010

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