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A combination of gas, fecal bits, and bile filled diarrhea that spray out of one's anus in a rainbow projectile fashion.
Hey bro, I was fucking pissed at that bartender chick who quit giving me free drinks, so I went into the bathroom and blasted skittle shits everywhere. I even shit in the soap dispenser.
by Assbag666 May 27, 2013
Having to defecate so heinously, that your ass explodes open like an overloaded "cheap suitcase".
Timmy ate the indian buffet for lunch and the persian kebab stand for dinner. When Timmy awoke from his Eastern buffet extravaganza, he sat on the toilet and was launched into the air as his asshole blew open like a cheap suitcase.
by Assbag666 May 27, 2013

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