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3 definitions by Assault Rifle

A rusty chain is a sexual group activity that can consist of three or more people (male or female) standing in a circle . It involves a person placing their index finger into the rectum of the person to the right of them, and then simiutaneously removing each finger, and proceeding to have that person smell the finger.
-Andrew convinced the female exchange students to particiapate in a rusty chain with him at the party last weekend.

-A group of free spirited individuals are on a camping trip when Robert suggests that having a rusty chain would be a great end to the trip

by Assault Rifle April 13, 2009
A term used to describe two men who have received oral sex from the same woman.

If two men both have coitus with the same woman, see "Eskimo Brother."
"Hey man, I heard you got a hummer from that bitch Tracy. Me too! Indian Cousins!"

"She was on her period so I got the BJ. I guess Mark and I are Indian Cousins now."

“When two guys get blowies from the same girl, they’re Indian Cousins"
by Assault Rifle December 02, 2011
A low key term used to inform your buddy that jail bait is present.

(night crawlers = bait.)
Michael wanted to make a move on the group of girls at the party but was quickly briefed by a fellow bro that they were night crawlers... Michael didn't care.

Ryan didn't sleep for a week after finding out he raw dogged a night crawler he met at the halloween party.

(2 bro's at Coachella) This place is littered with Night Crawlers!

I know I'm loving it!
by Assault Rifle May 05, 2011