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Some Piss old technology engine, which somehow gets its arse handed to it every time it goes up against a mazda 1.3 litre rotary engine, or any 2.0 and up turbo car. usually found in cars with brands such as ford, holden, chevy and other dodgy american brands. unfortunately since america was so afraid to import DECENT japanese cars, the damn idiots with honda civics deserve to get theoir arses whipped, try something like a 3S-GTE, SR20DET or a 2JZ-GTE perhaps next time honda boys. Therefore, fortunately, the day of the V8 is numbered to extinction, as a total dinosaur of the motor age, exceptions are the V45 from nissan and the 1UZ from Toyota. at least they have some decent technology in them.
dickhead with V8: hey man, i have a V8! vroom vroom! lets race!
me: ok then, lets see whatcha got?
dickhead left way way behind: WHAFUCK?

and thats how the V8s died.
by Assassin180SX October 16, 2005

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