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3 definitions by Assar

When your eyes adjust to the night time so you can see more clearly. After turning off the lights in your room it appears to be very dark, but once your night eyes adjust its not as dark.

eyes night
Phil: Did you finally finish your paper last night?
Dan: Yeah, but I had to use my night eyes to find my folder so I didn't wake my parents.
by Assar December 30, 2007
18 6
A term used in the World of Warcraft when you disconnect on the elevators going down to the Undercity. Short slang for 'Elevator Down Syndrome'
Person 1: Did he just leave?
Person 2: I don't know man.
Person 3: Sorry about that guys.
Person 1: What happened?
Person 3: My EDS kicked in so I had to log back in.
by Assar January 26, 2008
18 8
A game usually played at recess in which you use any type of circular ball and play a type version of keep away. The teams keep the ball away from the other and can be given up by tackling the one with the ball, or result in extreme violence. This is where Robbie comes in. During intensive play action, any man named Robbie has to get in the middle of the action and try to stop it (if you don't have anyone named robbie, assign one) and will end up getting hurt. Whoever gets the claim for hurting Robbie and making him complain, angry, or even cry wins the round and a point for their team.
We were playing Robbie ball after lunch and our team lost in seconds, our best player Dom, hit him in the nose and Robbie flipped so Tyler's team won.
by Assar April 16, 2008
7 1