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Milk Flip is a sexual position invented by Dr. Steve Brule (as seen in check it out videos available on youtube). Milk Flip is performed by pulling out of the vagina prejaculation (compound combining pre and ejaculation) then performing a backflip as you ejaculate (most easily performed on a trampoline). This is the fun part, After you've done a backflip while ejaculating you must perform a standing sex position while only holding on to her breasts (this might be painful for her give her a break if she complains). Okay once you have it in while your having her sit on your thighs and your holding her breasts you must spin around as fast as possible. The G-Force will grow hopefully untill she's fully unconscious. At this point you want to dress her in extremely large clothes and stuff them with pillows so she looks appears dangerously poofy (the added weight will help with the speed of the drop). Now your home free, only one step left but its easy to mess up here. You must bring her to the heighest height of the heighest mountain or just something high. You need to get inside her clothes along with the pillows, you need to make sure you've built a big enough ramp at the bottom of the hill and that you a started the rolling motion with your leap into the clothes of your unconscious broad. while you're rolling down the hill scream "Is that right?" and nod obnoxiously. When your both dead you need to come back to life and fly to the moon and eat the power onyx.
"Man last night was crazy I Mega Milky Flipped that bitch."
Bro #1:"Bro you high?"
Bro #2:"Bro only as high as my last Milk Flip"
Bro #4:"Is that right?"
by AssGypsy October 14, 2011
A straw taped to a kangaroo that never existed in the first frame of the movie but is edited in every other frame from then on.
"Inception was a Penis Tickler"
"Juggling is impossible if you're dead. Penis Tickler"
by AssGypsy October 14, 2011
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