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To recieve a blowjob while operating a motorized vehicle.
I recieved road head while driving to Minneapolis today.
by ass clown February 08, 2003
Item of clothing used to stabilize one's genitalia and/or ass cheeks.
Tell your mom to come get her underware from my bedroom floor.
by Ass Clown November 03, 2002
In multiplayer games, the place where a dead person or a person that has just joined is born or created.
Stop camping at my spawn, fucker.
by ass clown October 19, 2003
To jack one's beanstalk.
Or, to choke one's chicken.
I enjoy choking my chicken.
by Ass Clown November 03, 2002
Every man's dream job. One who sets up activities for the naked people of these colonies.
I one day hope to become a Nudist Colony Activity Coordinator.
by Ass Clown January 17, 2003
What people buy their daughter for her birthday when they think they are poor.
I got a bootleg scooter off ebay for my birthday.
by ass clown March 22, 2004
Something that people buy off ebay when they think they are poor.
They are going to buy a bootleg cell phne off ebay.
by ass clown March 22, 2004
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