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An interjection used to counter a person who is speaking too much without taking action. Originally used to describe situations where a man is speaking about a particular woman he is interested in, but not taking a positive course of action. The meaning has now been generalized to include almost any situation where somebody keeps talking about something, but without taking the requisite action to complete the situation.

abbreviated TMTNEBS

"Yeah dude, she totally digs me. Did I tell you our hands brushed when she walked next to me?"
"Too much talking, not enough booty slapping, man! I can't believe you waste all this time talking this shit up when you haven't taken a single damn move in the right direction."


"So as mentioned, after another 3 months of planning, we'll be prepared to make a document describing the possible challenges of implementation on this project."
"Too much talking, not enough booty slappin! I ain't got time for this shit, give me the goods."
by Aspiring Commodore April 17, 2010
Typically, of or relation to a moment when when one's actions make a situation incredibly awkward, to the point of self-injury, but unlikely causing any real or permanent damage. Often related to interactions with the opposite sex.

Origin unknown, but possibly from John Stuart Mill's "On Liberty" and the harm principle, which Wikipedia explains as saying "The harm principle holds that each individual has the right to act as he wants, so long as these actions do not harm others. If the action is self-regarding, that is, if it only directly affects the person undertaking the action, then society has no right to intervene, even if it feels the actor is harming himself."
1. Then I told her we should make out, but didn't kiss her. We stood there staring into each other's eyes, reveling in the Millesian moment. Then she took the subway home, alone.

2. After a brief pause, he pushed a condom across the bar and said "this is my business card". The look of incredulity spread across her face as she realized the Millesian proportions of the social gaffe.

3. "But we don't speak French", she implored. Oblivious, the man continued his Millesian soliloquy in slurred French, fueled by an excess of liquid courage and deficit of common sense.
by Aspiring Commodore April 15, 2010

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