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The Redneck Rivera is located on the Emerald Coast in the The Florida Panhandle city of Panama City and Panama City Beach Florida. Also called LA...Lower Alabama but most affectionately called the Redneck Riviera. A strip of surf and sand that stretches some 95-miles along Florida's Highway #98. The most beautiful beaches in the world. Sugar white sand, gently washed by an azure sea.

Home of the best spring breaks, water parks for the kids, tattoo parlors, beer joints, crab shacks, burger barns and tee shirt boutiques. Plus more beach trash and trinkets than you can imagine. There are high-rise condominiums with beautiful drunk skinny girls on each floor. Panama City Beach makes tailgating at a NASCAR infield appear hoity-toity. The always-heavy beach traffic is a blend of pick-up trucks, motorcycles, Mercedes Benz, SUV's and Beamers. Perhaps that's the charm of PC Beach – it's so funky, it's fun.
The Florida Panhandle, The Florida Panhandle city of Panama City and Panama City Beach Florida, LA...Lower Alabama, Redneck Riviera, Florida's Highway #98, spring breaks
by AshtonSummers January 10, 2009

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