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people who speak a completly different language to everyone esle in the town. they will also take anything that is not nailed down.
I fucking hate pikeys (from the hit film snatch)
by Ashley smith March 20, 2003
A really cute person. Madeles enjoy hello kitty along with a great appreciation for arts. Madeles are good natured and are quite athletic. They play at least 10 instruments and they're really sensetive. Madeles either have really long nails or long hair which they will get plenty of attention for. Madele's are smart, but can be arrogant
That girl over there is really cute
Oh yeah she's so madele.
by ashley smith June 17, 2014
Suco mi constistas means suck my tits in Ooshi Lala Island ... if youv'e never been there you should go!!!
Boy- I'm bored what should we do tongiht?
Girl- Oh I know you can suco mi constistas!!!
Boy- Sounds good to me.
by Ashley Smith May 05, 2005
o word for a girls vagina ... a place where all guys want to go.
He ate out my Peshe.
by Ashley Smith June 03, 2004
Insanely retarded fun had when performing water bubbler
that water bubbler was so conkat!
by Ashley Smith December 02, 2004
To perform oral sex on the male reproductive organs otherwise known as the penis
Emily gave amazing water bubbler to Tony last night
by Ashley Smith December 02, 2004
a really great flatmate
She is a bit eccentric sometimes but she is definitely a skets
by Ashley Smith April 25, 2005
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